What a Blooming brilliant bath 


Since theo has been born he has never enjoyed bath time I don’t know if it’s that he doesn’t feel safe in the hard plastic baths or it’s uncomfortable but every time we had to bath him he would cry! We tried everything every baths with mummy!

Not just a little wince but a full on tantrum crying to the point that he was hysterical as any new mum I don’t like to see my baby upset so I set to work looking online for something to help me bath him and that he would be comfortable in!

After a few days of research I came across the blooming bath at first I thought it looked silly and girly seeing as it was a flower! But as I read further I found out that the reason it was designed like a flower was so it can fit into any sink and create a cushioned safe play/bath area for baby to play!


I absolutely love this bath and it’s so easy to use and theo loved it, we had lots of smiles and he was so happy in it! I’m so glad I have found such an awesome product that has made theo enjoy bath time! 🙂

It drys super quick also just squeeze out all the water and bung it in the tumble dryer for 10 minutes or turn it over and hang it from the tag!

I have no idea why there aren’t more of these readily available in the top shops because they are just so convenient, soft and comfortable! Trust me get rid of the plastic bath and buy one of these!

I got mine from here : blooming bath

Thank you for reading

Love Laura



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