The bunting tree 

I was scrolling through my Instagram account and a lovely little peice caught my eye, a beautiful birdie/floral leggings set and I couldn’t help but like it!

As I clicked onto The bunting tree Instagram account I was blown away by the unusual designs and the beautiful craftman ship of these lovely clothing items! I just knew I had to have them!

As I explored more on the website, I found out that she only uses organic cotton which is super soft & strechy, I love that every peice is handmade so in a way it’s like it’s made especially for your child!

Golden bugs leggings and bib set

Shroom elk leggings & bib set  

Beautifully packaged!  

Organic cotton is especially great as it has so many benefits for not only your baby because it doesn’t have nasty chemicals or treatments added to it which means fewer allergies!! It is softer than normal cotton so perfect for babies soft delicate skin!

If I can I try to buy organic or free of chemicals as I feel it’s much better for our health And it really helps the environment!

The bunting tree have so many amazing designs and I’m sure I’ll be a regular customer here are a few pics of theo in his latest sets!


Thank you for reading!

Love Laura



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