Jenson is 2!! 


It only seems like yesterday my little blue eyed angel was born. I honestly don’t know where those 2 years have gone!! 

I wanted to do something special for his birthday to celebrate and have something to treasure as if I’m honest I don’t have a lot of nice photos of my children just the usual poor quality iPhone photo which are lovely but really not anything to print as the quality would be so bad! 

So I decided to arrange a stylised photo session with my husband being an award winning photographer I was able to get my vision across to him and he added his little touches and together we came up with such a beautiful idea! 

A few days after his birthday we went to a local beauty spot and took one of his birthday presents with us a vintage red car which I must add was his favouite birthday present! 

He loved it as any mum of boys would know that they love anything that involves exploring, mud and anything where they can get dirty and play with bugs! if I’m honest my boys love being outside if they are stuck at home it’s hell, they moan, bicker and fight so any chance to get them out and about im jumping at the opportunity! 

Jenson is quite a shy boy and will often refrain from getting involved in activities if we are out as a family! This time wasn’t any different it took a while for him to become comfortable And want to play on his new car! 

Here are a few pictures from his 2nd birthday session! 




I was so happy to hear that both of the images of jenson on the car got silver awards in the month competition for the guild of photographers!

Thank you for reading 

Love laura 



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