There’s something about clothies!


Ive always been one of those mums who only Likes to try something once then if I don’t like it that’s it, you’ve lost your chance to sparkle! So burp clothes, Muslims Ect have never really been much use to me, even tho I have a sicky baby, I mean who wants to carry around a sicky milk layde Muslim or burp cloth as soon as you touch it it makes you wreak! No thank you!

So when I saw one of my favouite Instagram shops Cucci-coo baby store offering these “burp clothes” called clothies for sale I really did think not another burp cloth come on! Theo is quite a sicky baby and it’s hard to find the right item that works for us! The more I saw the clothies the more I thought hey maybe these are worth investing in!

I took the plunge and ordered some, now I must say majority of Muslims or burp clothes are quite well …………….. Boring! (Another thing that puts me off them! ) well clothies are the complete opposite you want a something stylish and funky these are it!

Attractive, colourful & useful what more do you need! So when looking through the Instagram shop cucci-coo Baby store I was shocked at how gorgeous the designs were and how vibrant! I dunno what it is but I just love foxes! Aren’t they just the cutest! So I bought the blue foxes set of clothies!

The delivery was so fast I had them in a day or so after I had ordered! When they arrived I was so pleased with them the colours were so bright they are very well made and super soft and snuggly! Straight away theo was snuggling into them! They are backed by a soft fleece, which is so absorbant!

We’ve washed them and they have come out like new no need to iron them, the colour is still very bright and didn’t run in the wash! The cotton front it very breathable aswell and light for use with babies! 🙂

Don’t waste your money on products that don’t work invest in something with multi purpose and you will have something you can keep and use time and time again! Would highly recommend clothies to any mum or mum to be as they are so useful and gorgeous!









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