Don’t you just love the little things!

As a parent I feel I’m always so caught up in the hussel and bussel of life as soon as Monday morning comes it’s all rush rush rush!

There’s breakfast to be made, lunches to be packed, school bags to be made, clothes to be ironed it’s hard to remember that things won’t always be so!

This year I’ve made a resolution to appriciate the little things in life and try to enjoy these moments with my boys as they wont always be small and one day they won’t need me to hold their hand whilst they cross the road or want me to give them a kiss and walk them to class!

I always feel so drained come Friday I’m begging for Saturday to come around so we can just have a more relaxed and family oriented day!

Saturday’s and Sunday’s I feel these are the days that I love! Out exploring at our local beauty spots or the local national trust places! Sometimes I find myself in my own little bubble really soaking up what’s happening! Watching Ashton and Ruben foraging and scrambling around in the foliage then they call mummy mummy look look……

Theyve found a bug or reptile of some kind so proud of what they have found watching their faces light up with glee! followed by Isaac and Jenson picking up sticks and using them as make believe swords waving them around in the air shouting chargeeeeee! At the top of their voices! I really can’t imagine my weekends any different! These are the moment I live for! I long for!

When you step back and watch It makes me so proud of my large beautiful family, i feel having all boys makes it super special as we most certainly wouldn’t have the bonds or memories if our family were any different!




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