Theo Turns 2!

Theo 2nd birthday pj masks party

Theo is two! Say what!? Where have these last two years gone I have no idea!

I love planning my children’s birthday’s so much I get abit carried away! This was no exception , even tho I love to plan them I’m still very last minute I always start out with the intentions of being so organised but I never seem to end that way! Normally I’m rushing around the night before panicking that I’ve forgotten something! Worrying if I’ve given them enough presents to open wondering if I’ve chosen the right things! It’s hard job being a parent!

I love making the boys birthdays cakes it makes it feel special for me and like I’m making memories for them to remember when they are older! i love seeing their faces light up when they see what cake I’ve made them! Normally a lot of wow and excitment! It’s turned into a bit of a family tradition now and every year the boys will say mummy can I have this on my cake! Hearing them say that makes it all worth while, there faces just light up!

Theo is really into disneys pj masks at the moment and his favouite is gekko! So I knew his cake would have to have pj masks on it!  I decided to just go for a simplistic design of a Victoria sponge with white fondant icing and black buildings around the cake to symbolise night time as any Disney pj mask fan will know they only come out at Night!

Cake topper pj masks figures

Pj masks birthday party

Homemade pj masks cake

I have so many beautiful items from some gorgeous shops on Instagram that I thought why not combined them into the party decorations!

I had Some beautiful prints from Kate at the little jones that I adore! My favouite one which is the first I ever bought with a T for Theo, I really love quirky personal items there something so special about them, you can’t help but love them! My second print was the wild child one as Theo has grown he is very much a wild child he loves to climb and run free, he will not sit still or listen to anything I have to say ! And the last one and my favouite one ‘cool kids live here’ erm yes they do! I love this as it’s for all of my boys! Everything with our family is a family affair we are literally like the waltons!  Haha

Nursery decorations personalised prints

Who doesn’t love little things, cute little ordinnents and trinkets I’m a sucker for things like that! I say they are for Theo but yeh not really! I just love them! They really can finish off a theme or a room! Theo has so many beautiful hand crafted items from many talented small business on Instagram so I had to have them on display and I really think that they add to the look!

Nursery decor monochrome chalk house

Monochrome birthday party with ombré teepee

Stylish monochrome prints personalised for birthday party

I also found some gorgeous bow monochrome party plates, cups, serving platters and accessories from a wonderful little shop called candle &  cakes

I really love boho so i decided to create this amazing feather garland which was a labour of love that’s for sure as it took me 3 days to make it but it was worth it the out Come and the look of it I just love it so much! I’ve now got it hanging up in theo’s room as i love it so much!

Boho party handmade feather garland

Theo really had such a wonderful 2nd birthday I couldn’t of wished for a better day, he had his friends who he has grown up with from a baby! They came over for a little tea party after we had a visit to the aquarium to look at all the fishes  and for bit of sensory fun, as always I did to much food, the toddler cried because they were all tired and grumpy! The reality of a children’s party! But i wouldn’t change it for anything!

Even with all that it really doesn’t matter does it cause all you remember are the fun times! The children laughing because Theo shoved a sausage up his nose, their happy faces when you give them a balloon to play with,watching these face light up when he blew out his candles on his cake to see his most favourite characters on top!

You really do have to treasure each moment as in a flash that moment is gone and all you have is a memory a beautiful memory of a wonderful time you shared with your child!

Thank you for reading!

Laura – blessedwith5boys


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