The coolest bike in town 

It was so hard to think of something for Theo for his 2nd birthday that was unique and that we didn’t already have being a family with 5 children all older than Theo as you can imagine we own nearly everything on the market and most things get passed down to the younger children! 

So I asked for some help from two of my friends and they suggested a bike called wishbone so I had no idea what this was so I obviously turned to my best friend google and had a little look and to say I was impressed was an understatement! What an amazing idea! 

A bike which is 3-in-1 to starts off as a trike with 3 wheels whist they are little so they can get used to using it, when they are more confident you can turn it into a two wheeled balance bike and then it will convert into a older child’s balance bike which I love! I’m really into natural woods and high tech design which this ticks both boxes! 

If I’m honest it wasn’t a hit straight away but Theo is a child who takes a while to get used to something and he needs to have it around and have the choice to use something and then he decides if he likes it or not! Very strong minded lad is Theo! 

After a week or so he was riding it all over the house and chasing his brothers which he thought was hilarious! As his confidence had grown so much we thought we would take him out on it! 

He loved the freedom of being outdoors on it and riding it everywhere! He is so fast on it, he chased daddy, and he chased me laughing his little head off the whole time! 

My favouite thing is the simplicity of it, I would defiantly recommend  this bike to anyone looking for a alternative grow with me bike which is very well made and great on all terrains because of its proper tyre wheels! 

Perfect gift for my little explorer! Here’s to many more fun times on our wishbone bike! ❤


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