About Our Family

The Boys

the boys


When he was born he was born with a large portwine stain on his face covering the whole right side and the left hand side aswell, when he was 2 months old he was diagnosed with a rare neurological condition called sturge weber syndrome, He suffers from long lasting seizures, has gluacoma and is parcially sighted, has a left sided weakness also.

But apart from this he is an awesome little boys so full of life, loves his animals, especially reptiles and tigers, he is a little explorer and loves to climb wether thats trees or rocks, i cant even get him down sometimes.

He lives to know how the world works and can’t learn enough about this animals, planets anything and everything we often call him the new David Attenborough, he’s got the kindest heart and is always willing to help people in need.


I call him my little Drama queen, he Takes life in his stride  and is always the first to notice if one of his brothers has done something they arent suppost to, always the first to scream or cry if he is playing with his brothers and it doesnt go the way he wants it to, he will pretend they have hurt him!

He is such a little darling when he wants to be and is the most helpful little boy, when im doing things he is always the first to ask if i need help or run to get something that i need and is always very loyal.

He loves his food, wether thats baking to see what creations he can make or just eating in general, he loves to make homemade pizza’s and cupcakes. He has an entertaining streak and loves to sing and dance, but sometimes can be shy and reserved.


My little duracel bunny, This boy is awesome he is so out going and full of life, from the moment he wakes till the moment he goes to bed he doesnt stop! He is always the first to be upto mischief and is always looking for something to do, wether thats building a den using all the cushions from the chairs or throwing water over his brothers head.

He is very loving and always wants cuddles with me or daddy, but he has a very cheeky side he is the one you never take your eyes off because if you do, all havok breaks lose.

He is the biggest fan ever of Peppa Pig or shall i say George pig! He literally owns the whole peppa pig town, so many teddies and all the stories, he will sit for hours if you put peppa pig on for him, but he is very inquisitive and wants to know everything that is happening.


My youngest and he is so angelic he is my only boy with blue eyes and he is a little heartbreaker, all he has to do is look at me with those big blue eyes and he melts my heart! He is such a kind little boy always sharing never one to make a scene about giving a toy or something to one of his brothers!

He loves cuddles and is either permanently attached to mummy or daddy which im not going to lie i love, its so nice to just sit and cuddle your child, something so peaceful about it! He loves the attention from us and his brothers and isnt picking with who he is cuddling.

He is very daring and will try and copy anything that his big brothers are doing including climbing up rocks or trees to even jumping into swimming pools he is a little dare devil, he really does love his brothers and really idiolises them.

Mum and Dad

me and ash

A little about us, we have been together for 10 years now, married for 5 years and he is the most amazing man i could of asked for! i have never met anyone who is as good a daddy as my husband is to our children.

He is a photographer specialising in Newborns, but also covers children, families and weddings. He really enjoys it and feels uts the best thing he has ever done! which i agree with he really does have a talent, he has just set up his new buisness and its in its first year!

I am a full time mummy to these amazing 4 boys, plus my sons full time carer and i also work from home selling health products, which i love! I am one very busy mummy but i always try to make sure my boys are eating healthy food, less processed more natural and just making life fun for them

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