March glossy box


It’s that time of the month where I receive my little treat box! I really love recieving these every month it’s like Christmas every month! They never seem to disappoint with the products included!

I love the way the glossy box is packaged makes it feel very luxury And high end! It’s always those little touches that make something ordinary amazing!


As I opened this months box I was So excited to see what was in it so here it is!


Naobay moisturizing peel has a wonderfully milky texture enriched with natural acai particles, olive oil, shea butter, sweet almond oil and gotu kola. It smells Devine aswell 🙂



This product goes a long way only a small amount is needed even with long hair and really does coat your hair leaving it visibly shining. I use this in conjunction with the Dove vitality shampoo and really did notice a difference.


Pout Paint is a lip stain like no other! Providing lips with intense colour and a long-lasting finish, it’s not sticky like other lip colours and really does last a long time without reapplying! I love that you can wear other products or colours on top of it! 

Omg this nail varnish isn’t the colour just amazing!! I was in love with this colour when I opened the box!


What an amazing aray of products in this months box was so pleased with them all!  If you want to try a glossy box then check out there website 🙂 I know I love mine!

Thank you for reading!

Love laura xx

We’re trying the fluff! 


I’ve always wanted to try reusable nappies but never really got round to purchasing them that coupled with other factors like price and if they would actually work for us also made me doubt wether to try them! But this time I’m done with the excuses we are going full flown and jumping straight in to it!

Theo is now 7 weeks old and I’m more than ready to reap the benefits of reusable nappies! My children have constantly had trouble with disposables I’m not sure if it’s the chemicals or how rough some of them feel but they are constantly coming up in red raw rashes and reactions, the only ones that don’t are the leading brand pampers! Which are the most expensive at £14.99 for a pack of roughly 54-64 that lasts me around a week if that! So you can imagine how the costs builds up for them!

So we took the plunge and I asked a friend from Max & bellas to bring over a nappy trail pack these include every single type of nappy that is out there! She showed me everything from traditional terry toweling to the more modern all in one pocket nappy!

I have to say after a good few hours I was set on the all in one, birth to potty nappies and my favouite by far were bum genius freetime, bum genius v4 & Charlie banana they come in both poppers or Velcro (bum genius not Charlie banana) but Velcro seems to look tatty and can bobble the nappies so I’ve gone for poppers which last so much longer!

The overall design of these nappies is so easy it’s almost a sin not to use them as they are just as quick and fast as a disposable! The assembly is literally putting the micro fibre inset in the pocket then away you go! You can add a bamboo insert for more absorbency underneath the microfibre layer as this will help keep baby dryer for longer but not essential!

Also to make it easy you can put a peice of fleece on the nappy this helps to keep baby really dry I’m not sure how or why it just seems to work! But also is easy to just lift out when baby has soiled the nappy so it’s not as dirty when you go to wash it!

I really know I’m going to love experimenting with cloth nappies as I already love them so much! The designs are addictive I mean come on who hadn’t been tempted to get a few just for the amazing designs! That’s the main things that attracted me! Second is helping the environment as I feel we all need to start making changes as our carbon footprint is growing!

Some of the things you will need:

  1. A bucket to store dirty/soiled nappies with a lid!
  2. Roughly 15-20 nappies or less if you have an older child!
  3. A nappy bag to put soiled nappies in when your out.
  4. A mesh net to go inside the bucket
  5. Bamboo inserts if using pocket all in one nappies to help with more absorbancy!
  6. Washing powder to wash the soiled nappies! This is very important as tablets and fabric sofeners leave a residue on the nappy which can stop its absorbancy!

Really Looking forward to starting with theo next week! Will keep you all posted with our favouite designs and how we are finding the transition!

Love laura xx

Happy Mother’s Day

Don’t you feel every year the commersial side of Mother’s Day just gets a little to much! The media trying to tell us and our children they have to buy us cards, flowers and gifts to tell us how much they love us!

Those little cuddles, the I love you’s mum, the drawings they draw of you, holding there hands, the simple things in life! I love these moments far more than the over produced stuff that you buy from the shop!

There’s something so special about your child handing you a card which they have thoughtfully made themselves I often wonder what is going through their heads when they are sitting there so focused on creating this creation for you, the look on their faces when they hand you this card/drawing so proud and happy wanting you to express the same back!

I feel on a day like Mother’s Day what is the most important thing! Spending time with your children, sharing homemade or handmade gifts that they have lovingly thought of! The look of happiness on their faces as they share it with you! The flowers they have picked from a random persons garden these are the things I love And want from Mother’s Day the most!

This is what Mother’s Day is about! Happy Mother’s Day everyone!  I know I am truly blessed!

Love laura


The HomeBirth I always wanted! 

So my due date came and went the baby was actually due on 22nd January, there were no signs baby was going to come on my due date! Suprise suprise ive never had a baby on my due date or know anyone who has yet!  I had an appointment with my HomeBirth midwife on that day so decided to have a sweep to get things moving!

ooooo i forgot how painful sweeps can be! After she had done the sweep she told me I was a good 5cm dilated And my waters were bulging she though that baby would defiantly come that day or evening, but baby had other ideas, so my due date came and went and there was no sign baby wanted to come! to be honest i had thought i woukd go at least 1 week overdue as all my previous pregnancies had gone 7 days plus!

2 days overdue wondering if today will be the day my baby makes an appearance! 😊

3 days overdue still no sign of my baby arriving I think baby wanted to make us wait to find out what gender baby was! 😉


6 days over due, getting impatient now!

lLook at that bump!!!

10 days overdue this was the day before my baby decided to make its appearance ! I was feeling pretty normal just the strains of carrying a baby we’re starting to appear bad back pain almost constantly, heartburn that was just constantly there, no matter what I did! I was actually given medication for it as I was struggling to even eat or sleep as it was all the time! heartburn is a killer when your pregnant almost every mum will tell you how she guzzled gaviscon or drank pints and pints of milk! for me it was the pints and pints of milk as it was the only thing that didnt make me feel sick and stopped that awful burning feeling straight away!

So after another sweep on Saturday 31st January I was trying everything to get my baby to come, deep squats, bouncing and pelvis circles on the birthing ball, squats on the stairs, hot bath, but still no niggly pains so I went to bed as normal.

On Sunday 1st February I woke up around 8am with quite strong period like pains so I decided to run a bath complete with bubbles of course so I could control the pain and feel more comfortable, for me I find water really helps when I’m not feeling great or I am in pain so it seemed like the best thing to do! I wasnt 100% sure it was the start of labour as i had similar pains previous to that with no outcome so decided to ride it out and just time them to see if they were proper contractions after 10 minutes it was pretty obvious they were as they were coming every 2-3 minutes.

In the bath it really was a big relief within 30 minutes they had progressed from mild period like contractions to stronger medium strength contractions, gosh i had forgotten how much they hurt! I followed a breathing technique I had taught myself to get through the intensity of the contractions, I find taking deep breaths in counting to 10 slowly then breathing out really helped me focus and blocked out the pain as I was so focused on controlling my breathing!

By 8.30 my midwife had come and i was so grateful that she was there! I just remember her telling me i couldnt have a bubble bath and i needed to let it out so my thoughts were oh no, as soon as the water left the bath the contractions felt alot worse, i suppose the water supports our body, i just remember feeling a huge amount of pain in my back, but i found using the shower a huge relief. She asked me if i could get out of the bath but i just couldnt i was in the zone focused on the breathing techniques making sure that pain didnt take over as once it does you cant get that control back!

plymouth Birth photographer-5

By 10am they had increased to full intensity and I was starting to feel an urge to push, but I just continued to labour and breath through the intensity of the contractions, as I was in the bath my midwife asked me to see if I was able to get out to see if it helped the baby to come down more, so I some how managed to get out and went on all 4s on my bathroom floor, I would say the pain was almost inbareable as I got out of the water and onto the floor I knew I was close, after 40 minutes out of the bath I really needed to be back in the water as it was really helping me control the pain, I wanted a completely natural calm and drug free labour which I achieved, so anything natural to help with the pain was a bonus!

plymouth Birth photographer-4

10.45 am I was fully dilated, as I pushed I couldn’t help but feel that excitement in a few minutes I will meet my baby, this new little life, this new person! It felt like I was pushing for ages, and he just wasn’t coming! That big head of his 😉

As I pushed I remember feeling that ever so distinct painful burning sensation and omg didn’t it burn, as he crowned I just remember completely not hearing what the midwife was telling me and just carried on pushing till he was completely out!

At 10.54 Theo James was born into the world! Followed 30 minutes later by the placenta we left his cord till it stopped pulsing I really feel this is such a crucial part of giving birth as you want them to get all the goodness and stem cells that are left in that cord, due to the endless benefits which include a reduction in respiratory distress, chronic lung disease, anaemia, eye dieases and also decreases the need for blood transfusions. For mum it can also prevent any problems when delivering the placenta.

plymouth Birth photographer-6

plymouth Birth photographer-7

Our First cuddle!

plymouth Birth photographer-9

Looking into this gorgeous little persons eyes for the first time was something truely incredible, that over whelming love for this gorgeous little person that you have made and you have brought into this world, into your family! There is no other love, like the love you feel for your child, when you hold them for the first time!

We had an amazing 30-40 minutes of skin to skin time whilst we waited for the cord to stop pulsing. It really helped calm him and there was just a lovely moment we shared at that point i cant explain it but it was like relief, claming and an over whelming love for this little boy i had just delivered.

plymouth Birth photographer-11 plymouth Birth photographer-12

Then We applied the cord tie to his umbillical cord! The midwife commented on how thick and healthy his cord was as she didnt see such healthy cords like that very often! We opted for a cord tie instead of a clamp as it’s more comfortable for the baby and looked so much nicer than the clamp!

Umbilical cord tieThis gorgeous cord tie was from the lovely heartstrings umbilical cord ties

He wasn’t slow with trying to find the boob and almost immediatly he had latched on and started to have a good suckle, what a precious feeling feeding my baby for the first time it really was a magical experience, you really forget how precious that first feed is and the closeness it brings to mum and baby it was truely a special moment and one i am still enjoying now! After a good 10 minute feed i passed him to my secound midwife who wanted to do his baby checks whilst i delivered the placenta.

plymouth Birth photographer-13

Baby Theo’s first Feed!

plymouth Birth photographer-10

Those tiny hands! ❤

I was so shocked when she weighed him to find out he was a whooping 9lb 9oz I was expecting an 8lb baby no wonder it hurt so much, my last two babies were 7lb 15oz and 8lb 15oz so he was a huge whopper compared to them! His head was even bigger at 37.5cm when the average is 35cm i guess he was just meant to be a big baby.

plymouth Birth photographer-16

9lb 9oz!

plymouth Birth photographer-18

Having his first newborn checks! To make sure he is a healthy little man!

plymouth Birth photographer-17

Thank you for reading my birthing story we now have an amazing little 6 week old baby theo and we are all so besotted with him!

Special thank you to ashley ide photography for these amazing photos.


Laura x

Looking back on a Fantastic year

So 2014 has well and truely moved over and we are welcoming  a new 2015. Already for me that means new beginings, a beautiful new family member and lots and lots of fun with my boys!

Reflecting back on the year just gone i really feel we have grown as a family, we are all that little bit wiser, weve all aged 1 year and we have had a damn good time whilst doing it.

My highlights for this year would have to be:

1. Starting an amazing photography buisness with my husband, nothing more rewarding that helping your husband to acheive his goals and actually ignighting an unknown passion in yourself. I have truely truely loved every minute of it, but the highlight has definatly been meeting all the lovely new clients, which im sure will all be life long customers and friends.

Seeing my husband progress and truely enjoyign what he is doing, he loves every minute of his new job and is so excited for the future and what it will bring, i can not believe the progression he has made in a year, from ameture photographer to an multi award winning photographer in not only, newborns (his speciality) but also weddings and children!

2. Watching my children grow!!

At the start of 2014 i had a not even 1 year old little boy and now he is nearly 2 you really do forget how much they can change in such a short period of time, what they learn, and how they develop my quiet little 1 year old has now turned into a crazy, boystrious little 2 year old full of energy, always looking for the next thing he can explore.

We had a Crazy 2 year old who at the start of the year was very cheeky, but still very cuddly, still in nappies and still testing boundaries. Who would think in only 1 years time, he would turn into a very caring, considerate little boy, so fast to learn new things in fact potty training only took 2 days and he was dry both day and night, not only that he can also count to 10 and he knows how to spell his name. He has really developed his character and it is so lovely to see him come into his own and become a little person with such a huge personaility.

He started preschool for the first time in 2014 and loved every single day of it, and even wanted to go in extra days, he has made some lovely new friends and i have really seen him grown from a baby to a proper little boy in such a short space of time!

Our quiet but helpful little 4 year old, turned into a 5 year old and entered a new year at school which meant he had to grow up a little bit, he went from learning through play to learning how to read and write, he has come on so much since the begining of the year and i am really pleased with how he is doing. He loves school and is always coming home telling me all about his day and if he has recieved a good work point for his house team, he has gone from not writing very well to being able to write a proper sentance and he is able to read a book on his own! i really am so proud of him.

Last but not least my special little boy, my eldest he has it alot more tougher than his siblings with his condition sturge weber syndrome he really struggles with every aspect of life, from getting up in the morning to daily tasks like learning to read and write which other children of his age dont struggle with, i really feel in a year i ahve seen some huge changes in him educationally wise, he used to struggle to even read a book and now needs minimal help, he has write his name but still really struggles to even write the simplest of sentances.

Despite that he really loves the natural world and how things work, he will quite often just sit next to me and tell me about the correct names for a reptile or an animal he is looking at in his latest animal book, its really quiet lovely to listen to. He is so artistic and the things he draws me are just amazing he will sit for hours sometimes and draw a whole landscape and aray of animals and happily sit there and tell me what he has drawn. Things like this really do amaze me with him, as he can go from my happy little boy to my lifeless little boy laying on a hospital bed struggling to breath and as a parent that is just so awful to watch! 😦

Weve had some lovely ups and some awful downs, when ashton is poorly it really is hard for us all and we truely feel broken like a part of us is missing, you always have that fear in the back of your mind.

3. Finding out we were expecting a new addition to our family!! Wow. That was a shocker and a big curb ball thrown into our year! Just something amazing finding out your going to growing a new being and bringing them into the world its truely a magical time, its been a tought pregnancy and there have been alot of issues but i can say i am so excited about welcoming this new baby into our lives, my boys are so excited and can not wait to meet their new brother/sister.

Those are my top 3 highlights of 2014. To say i have been blessed would be a big under statement i feel so privaliged to have been given the oppitunity to experince being a mum and to 4 little boys who make my life so worth every secound, from waking up every morning till they go to sleep its truely amazing to be able to enjoy them and watch then grow and develop.

To be blessed with the most amazing supportive husband, sometimes when i feel like its all to much he is always there to support me and pick me up, he is the best dad to our boys, a proper hands on kind of dad not the type to sit back, he is always playing with them, even helps them with their homework, getting ready for school, cooking, cleaning just everything he truely is a keeper and i am so incredibly lucky!

So thats a summary of my amazing 2014 year really looking forward to 2015 and what suprises it will hold. 🙂

A Frosty Morning Walk

winter walk 15

It’s very rare for us to get ice or snow in plymouth i don’t know if it is the salty air or that we are warmer being next to the coast, But the cold weather just doesnt seem to like us here!

It was a shock this morning when we woke up to frozen solid cars and frost covered roads and gardens! I think it was roughly -4oc which is very cold for plymouth as soon as i saw it i knew we needed to take the boys out in it to have some fun before it left again.

We all got ready and went out in search of a nice frozen nature reserve or woodland area, it didnt take to long to find somewhere and we stumbled across a new adventure zone. With 4 boys you can imagine we are always trying to find new and exciting places to take them.

They love the outdoors and it doesnt take long for them to find something to do that they love like climbing a tree, jumping in a puddle, they even make up little games and play together it is so lovely to watch. Really does make me feel so blessed to have these 4 amazing little boys with the biggest personalities.

winter walk 8 winter walk 5

As we entered our new woodland find it was as if we were walking through a winter wonderland it was truely beautiful all the ground was cover in white shards of frost and ice. The trees had frozen scards of ice hanging down from the branches and where the sun had started to rise it was starting to drip from the branches to the floor and you could hear it dripping was a lovely sound.

winter walk 9

As we continued down the path we came to a big open field which was covered in ice it was white, looked absolutly beautiful, Of course the boys could wait so they ran down onto the feild chasing some birds that had settled one the ground, 3 blackbirds they chased after them for a good 5-10 minutes then started making up games which was lovely to watch.

winter walk 11 winter walk 1

My eldest Ashton layed down and started to make snow angels in the frosty grass it was so sweet! Then my other 2 boys went running over to see what he was doing, then they got down and started to make snow angels aswell, something so sweet about watching your children enjoy the great outdoors.

winter walk 14 winter walk 13

We even got a chance to walk along the bridge and look into the river/lake they had there, the lake was crawling with pond life and we even spotted some toads and frogs, it was a truely lovely nature walk and one i plan to visit again very soon with the boys, It will be the most ideal place in summer for a bit of pond dipping.

winter walk 3 winter walk 4

We had a really lovely time and were out exploring and making fun games for a good 3-4 hours.

winter walk 12 winter walk 7

 Photography by Ashley Ide Photography

37 weeks pregnant! Just 3 weeks to go!

37 weeks pregnant

37 weeks pregnant

So I realise I haven’t posted in a while! We are 37 weeks pregnant now, can not believe how fast this pregnancy has gone!!  It’s not been the easiest of pregnancies and I have felt quite poorly this time, not sure if it’s because I have 4 very active boys to look after or if it’s just the hormones and aches and pains pregnancy brings with it!

Ive been suffering really quite badly with heartburn for about 5-6 weeks now, it’s starting to effect my eating patterns and also I am struggling to sleep as soon as I lay down I’m instantly greeted with the painful burn which is heartburn, I think it might have something to do with our lil monkey having it’s feet in my ribs and diaphragm the whole time it must be comfy there as it doesn’t want to move!

Ill update a little as I know I’ve not posted anything since my 12 week scan! Very naughty!

20 week scan and health check! 

As we waited in the waiting room for our 20 week scan we both felt anxious and excited to see our lil bean again! Prior to the scan we were undecided about wether we should find out the gender of the baby or not, so we both agreed to decide on the day.

We heard our name get called and went into the sonographers room, I layed down and he squirted some jelly on my belly then put the dongle scanner thingy on my belly straight away we saw the baby wriggling such a huge relief for any parent I’ve never been one to feel early movements so it was fantastic to see baby wriggling and moving about!

After a few minutes he said that our baby was in a very awkward position and it was proving difficult for him to be able to get all the measurements needed to complete the scan, so that was the first bummer, then he threw in a second one! Your placenta is right over your cervix, I will need to call in another colleague to check but I’m sure it is!

After a few minutes the second sonographer confirms I do have a very low lying placenta which is covering my cervix, that I would need to come back and get another internal transvaginal scan to see how much of the crvix is being covered! As you can imagine I left the scan feeling very scared and worried for mine and my babies health as a low placenta can cause a lot of problems for mum and baby!

I did then click as I had been experiencing bleeding which I’ve never had before and this is what happens with a low lying placenta which covers the cervix!

We weren’t able to find out the babies gender because the position it was in made it difficult to get the measurements of the upper body let alone the lower body which he wasn’t able to do! So we decided to leave the gender a suprise and wait for the babies arrival! 🙂

Baby yawning on ultrasound

Baby yawning on 20 week ultrasound

21 week scan to check for low lying placenta

This scan was much more in depth but I was told it would be a transvaginal scan so I came to it with an empty bladder only to be told she was doing an abdominal scan!? So I was confused!! But went along with what she had said, she said my placenta wasn’t low and it was high in my womb so I left feeling a little happier and I would need to go back again at 34 weeks to just make sure that baby and placenta are growing ok and the placenta wasn’t over my cervix!

34 week scan to check low lying placenta

I was a lot happier about going to this scan and not as anxious as the previous scan at 21 weeks as she had said my placenta was high and not to worry at the previous scan! When I went in I layed down on the bed and she put the cold jelly on my belly then the dongle thingy and straight away baby was wriggling! So I knew everything was ok 🙂

i said straightaway I don’t want to know the gender and she replied straightaway I couldn’t tell you even if I wanted to as your baby is in a very awkward position and not one where I could see the gender easily! My first thoughts were this baby is a little monkey every scan it’s been in a difficult position, does make you wonder if the gender is different my boys were always so easy on the scans and I knew straightaway they were boys!

After an intensive 15 minutes she said my placenta was still low and it was on my lower left hand side but she couldn’t see for sure if there was any tissue over the cervix, she then said you know what I’m going to ask you to do now don’t you!? My first thoughts were nooooo! But I knew I had to have it done so I took all my trousers, pants ect off and covered myself with the blanket ready for the internal scan!

My first thought was is this going to hurt, but in truth I didn’t even feel it, so that was good! After a good 10 minutes she said she was happy that there was no tissue covering my cervix and I had enough of a gap either side to allow for dilation and for me and baby to be safe during delivery! Which was a huge relief!

But I couldn’t help but feel let down by the 2nd sonographer who obviously got it very wrong about my placenta as they don’t move up and then back down again! But but the main thing is that our baby is healthy as the baby was head down they were able to get the leg, lower spine and feet measurements which they couldn’t at my 20 week scan and told me baby was weighing in at 5lb 8oz!

one very happy mumma bear awaiting her cub only 3 weeks left till my due date now!

Thank you for reading my blog! 😀